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It's been a weird day.

Icka! M. Chif:
Icka!: "I miss Megs being around. Ianuk used to call us 'Thing One and Thing Two'. Then we'd get into debates over who was One and Two."
Elinor: "Do you really wanna be Number Two?
Icka!: "I think I was."
Elinor: "Icka-ca-?"
Icka!: "CAW CAW MOTHER FUCKER! Oh, hi Tony."
Elinor: "Hi, Tony."
*Supervisor keeps walking, shaking his head.*

Nuuuu I thought I was Thing Two
You lead into trouble, I drive the getaway car.

Icka! M. Chif:
I lead into trouble?!

Need I remind you a certain phone call from four years ago?
Icka: “I found a giant dildo stuck to a phone pole! What do I do with it?”
Me: “Steal it.”
Icka: “Done.”

Icka! M. Chif:
And this is following my making one of the other guys speechless, because he thinks my life must be so boring because I don't drink or smoke.